R&R Properties has provided CONSOL Energy Inc. a great office facility for many years. They are quick on resolving issues if and when something occurs. R&R Properties maintains a clean and well-manicured facility.
Doug Clark

My name is Cliff James and I own Kids Central Pediatrics.  We contracted with R&R properties when we wanted to build a new pediatric office.  I had an amazing experience with them as planners and builders ending up with an office that was equal and surpassed my dreams.  As landlords since the build we have had prompt service for any problems that we have had along the line.  Strongly recommend them.
Cliff James M.D.
Kids Central Pediatrics

The R&R staff is exceptionally helpful and offers quick responses and solutions to our requests.  I want to stress the satisfaction we have with R&R and all that your staff does for us.
– Ellen Reeves

We (ORNL Federal Credit Union ) Lease 10,000 sq. ft. of office space at 701 Scarboro Road Suite 300, from R & R Property .My Management Team and I with ORNL work along with the , Management Team of R & R Property for over five years. Thru out those years we have had A/C issues, and roof leaks as you may in any facilities as we have in 32 ORNLFCU locations to take care with our facilities team. When we faced these challenges R & R Management Team ,as always responded in a timely and professional manner in resolving any issues we may had or have. We are proud to say that we work with a management Team as R & R to respond to our needs to keep our staff in an good working environment .
Tim Sirman
ORNL Federal Credit Union

I reached out to R&R Properties as we were approaching the final year of our prior lease. They had a few properties available and happily gave me their time and full attention over the few months it took me to make a final decision. As another Oak Ridge business, they understood and appreciated the decisions I needed to make as a business owner and not only supported me but helped me make the best choice. We ended up with a brand new property on Fairbanks Road, off of Oak Ridge Turnpike that we couldn’t be happier with. I was able to sit down with the architect, design the building exactly the way we wanted, and literally watch it built from the ground up as R&R completely transformed the old building that was there. R&R is a class act through and through, and is leading the way in bringing Oak Ridge into a new era. Everything from the lease negotiations, construction, and now management has been superb.
David Corrigan
Progressive Martial Arts Academy

Berthold Technologies has been a tenant of R&R Properties for 13 years. We have been very pleased with R&R’s ability to exceed our expectations. The staff is friendly and conscientious of our needs and responds in a very timely fashion. Recently during an office expansion R&R worked diligently with Berthold to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Their great ideas and commitment to the project made it not only cost efficient for us but their great ideas gave us options we had not even considered. Berthold Technologies highly recommends R&R Properties for anyone’s rental needs.
Rhonda Mullins
Berthold Technologies USA LLC

R&R Properties worked seven days a week to renovate the Uranium Process Facility Project’s new main office six weeks ahead of the expected completion date. Mr. Richard Chinn personally managed the work and was extremely responsive to last-minute changes. Our employees now enjoy a quality work environment that is meticulously maintained.

Chiquita Perry
Bechtel National, Inc.

In 2003 our agency, with a staff of 22, was privileged to move into a new building constructed for us by R & R Properties. To say we were thrilled with the new space would be a gross understatement. Ten years later, the building still feels new because it is maintained beautifully and any request for service is handled promptly and professionally. The grounds are manicured and the landscaping provides an attractive image as soon as you arrive in the morning. Property management is responsive and supportive of any request and make you feel like you’re part of their community. We still feel privileged to be a part of that community

B Densiston