Since our founding, we have been driven by the reward of optimizing real estate and maximizing asset value across our portfolio. We are vertically integrated in order to fully serve our tenants and ensure each property can reach its full potential. Over the past 40 years, R&R has redeveloped over 20 (and counting) commercial properties inside the Oak Ridge city limits. Each project helps reshape our community into a stronger, more desirable place to live, work, and play! From the onset, our philosophy has been to build it back better than ever. We deconstruct the buildings all the way down to their base structure. Then we redesign and rebuild them inside and out. We invite you to take a look at some of our most recent efforts!

Few cities of our size have a commercial development company that is laser focused on building and managing properties of which the whole community is immensely proud. In Oak Ridge, we are fortunate to have R&R Properties which does just that! R&R Properties builds wonderful properties both inside and out that are instantly recognizable because of the classic architecture. Not only do the properties look great, they are also well managed, with a full service team dedicated to meet most any need of the tenants. As a bonus, the owners of R&R Properties are fully committed to supporting the Oak Ridge community through volunteering and philanthropic efforts. As former mayor of Oak Ridge, I tip my hat to this magnificent community business! - David Bradshaw, Pinnacle Financial Partners and Former Mayor of Oak Ridge